How to Add Another User to Access Your Google Analytics Reports

This is the step by step method to add other google account users to see or administer your google analytics reports for your website analytics project. 
-          Login to your google analytics account
-          Click on “Admin” on right upper side bar
-          Select your project name for which you want to add user. If you have single website, this will be the only option
-          You will find second option as “Users”, click on this
-          Click on “+New User” in the bar

-          Input email address of the user you want to add. This should be the google account email of other user

-          Click the radio button for “Role” as User/ Administrator level
-          Check on “Notify this user by email”
-          Click on “Add User” Button. And you are done.
-          The user you want to add will be added and notified by email.
-          They can simply go to google analytics page ( ) and login with their account details to access your website’s analytics report settings