New Gmail Inbox- How to See All Mails in One View

Gmail recently changed its Inbox layout. Now all your mails are sorted out in different categories, Primary, Promotions & Social etc. If you still prefer to see all your emails in one view or one tab only here is a work around trick for you.

This is an inbuilt feature of Gmail. For this first you need to activate your Gmail’s keyboard shortcut. If you already have keyboard shortcut on, simply press “GA” while in Gmail inbox, it will show you all mails in chronological order without any other inbox tabs. For activating key-board shortcut here are the steps-

-          Log on to your Gmail account
-          Click on gear button (circular button) in top right and select “Settings”
-          In the top menu, select “Keyboard Shortcuts” section, scroll to select “Keyboard shortcuts on”
-          Click “Save Changes” at the bottom
-          And you are done!

Now when you log in to Gmail, simply use Keyboard shortcut “ga” (press g and a simultaneously without “”) and you will see “All Mails” view which has all your emails in single tab in order it was received.

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