A company which started in a office with tin roofs and 2 computers in 2000 now has a market capitalization of more than 25000 crores (~ US$ 5 Bn). If the opening line interests you, read further. Indiabulls is a saga of IIT entrepreneurial success stories. The company was found by Sameer Gehlaut of IIT Delhi. He was a mechanical engineering student in 1995. He along with Saurabh Mittal and Rajiv Ranjan started Indiabulls as pioneer company in online brokerage business segment during the start of e-commerce in India. Indiabulls started once they acquired another firm Orbis Securities. Indiabulls Financial Services received venture capital funding from Mr L.N. Mittal & Mr Harish Fabiani in 2000. Indiabulls went public in year 2004 when it offered its IPO at Rs. 19 a share. Today company spans its presence in various sectors including financial services, real estate, securities & power.

-         Indiabulls Housing Finance is India’s 3rd largest Mortgate Finance Company
-         Indiabulls Real Estate is a National developer with Focus on key regions of Mumbai, NCR (Delhi) and Chennai
-      Indiabulls Power is developing a total capacity of 5400 mega watt of power generation through its 2 power plants in Amravati (2700 MW) and Nashik (2700 MW) in Maharashtra


-          2000 started as a securities brokerage company
-          2004 Indiabulls Financial Services started as a lending business
-          2005 Indiabulls Real Estate started
-          2006 Indiabulls Real Estate demerged from Financial Services
-          2007 Indiabulls Power started
-          2010 Indiabulls Power announced demerger from Real Estate
-          2013 Indiabulls Financial Services reverse merged into Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd.

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