How to Host Your Custom Domain on

Do you want to setup your custom domain for hosting on blogger? There are lots of benefits of hosting your domain name directly on blogger. This will save you from all the trouble of hosting, technical knowledge required to run your website. You can create dynamic pages with clicks and run your own with little help and great tools and inbuilt applications available with blogger. 
I am giving step by step instruction for doing so ahead. You first need to have a account. Register and create new blog. 
This can be done in 2 steps, one to change settings at your domain name control panel and then changing settings of your blogger blog.
First you need to login to the control panel of your domain registrar. Go to change advanced technical settings/ settings (depending on your web domain registrar)

Change these 2 settings here: 

·        In text box change the domain detail next to your domain name to www and points to field enter as host name (See snapshot below)
·        Google will ask you to enter some specific CName value while you are changing blogger settings later (repeat same steps as above then as well)

·        Though this is optional if you need to consider all domain forwarding for your domain without www you should change the A record setting as below:
·        Write * in first field and change “points to” You have to create 4 A records with below IPs
Add these 4 A-Records.

Wait for propagation which might take upto 24 hours (you can try further steps to see if it is done.) You won’t be able to change settings in blogger unless it is complete.

Now you need to change basic settings for your blog on
·        Logon to your blogger account:
·        Go to Settings> Basic> Blog Address
·        Change settings under “Advanced Settings”
·        Enter your domain name with “www”, as you will not be able to put your naked domain to host on blogger.
·        Resolve any CNAME error (if blogger asks you to create another CNAME entry, do as instructed above)
·        Click on “Redirect your yourdomainname to www.yourdomainname.

And you are all done. You can comment issues with your setup here, I will try to help you in case of any problems.
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