The Amazing Google Search - I

This series of articles will enlist some of the lesser known features of Google search, which are very useful.

Do you know that Google can give you instant suggestions if you need to find out restaurants in the area you are. This trick works with compatible and new browsers like Firefox, Chrome etc. but you can try with your browsers as well.

-          Go to
-          Hover (DO NOT CLICK YET!) on button to the right of search button. Yes this is your own “I am Feeling Lucky” button.
-          If you keep your mouse curser on this button, the options begin to roll and change
-          Click on “I am Feeling Hungry”
-          Google will open a page with restaurant suggestions in your area

I know, Google is amazing. From an advent of simplicity to a ‘wow!’ of useful information, it keeps on giving something new every now and then.

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