How Much Population is Working Full Time for an Employer Globally

What is one of the non-uniform trend in BRIC countries? This is the population to payroll ratio. Out of four countries Russia & Brazil stand out at 44% & 36%. In China 27% of the population is actively working full time for some employer, for India this number is at 26%.  

What this might mean is Brazil seems to be running fast in providing a sustainable & competitive environment for people for development while China and India continue to do so amidst large population they have.  The situation seems hopeful for these countries- but they still have a lot to do.

The leaders in the list are Kuwait and Sweden with payroll to population ratio at 51% and 52% respectively.

African countries along with few Middle East countries lag the list with ratios as low as <10%. This indicates still continuing unstable political situations and lack of education infrastructure. To get more insights on the survey conducted by Gallup you can visit

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