How to check if Google Analytics tracking is installed properly or not

Google Analytics Tutorial Series - 1

With new interface of Google Analytics, it might be difficult for users to navigate properly. This tutorials will help you learn getting familiar and use analytics efficiently making most of it. It is extremely important in understanding your visitors and Google Analytics’s advanced capabilities, report filters just help you do that. This article shows how to check if tracking is installed properly or not
  • Go to link
  • Use your existing google account to login, all the registered web properties will be shown here
  • Click on property you want to view analytics reports for
  • Click on the domain you want to see tracking details
  • On the top right corner click on Admin 
  •  In the middle “Property” option click on “Tracking Info”  
  •  Click on “Tracking Code” in the expanded menu option
  • This page in top shows the Status: Receiving Data. If this is the case your tracking is installed correctly.

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