How to Setup Email on for Your Custom Domain

Google apps have been discontinued as free service. So you might have challenge in finding right mail service which is free and offers comprehensive email hosting solution for your custom domain name. or Microsoft offers such service. Here I am giving you step by step method to setup email on for your custom domain.

Create Microsoft login account at if you have an existing account you can use it
Go to below screen will show up, click on get started

Add your custom domain for which you want to setup outlook mail service

Click on domain name account

Now login to your web domain registrar’s website and  create the MX entry for your domain

You need to make MX record as follows:
DNS record type: MX
MX server:
TTL: 3600 or 1 hour (optional)
Priority: 10 (or High priority) (optional)

Go to and click on the domain for which you changed the settings. Refresh to see if the MX record propagation is successful (this might take 0-24 hours).
After successful setup the status will become as “Active” 

Now you can add mail usernames for your custom domain.

Now you can start adding users to your custom domain like etc.

To check emails, send emails go to and use your and password selected during adding username.

Additional Instructions:
Outlook Detailed Instructions:


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