How to Check and Improve Rankings of Your Website or Blog

If you are running a website, it is quite important to keep a tab on its performance. You can do so in two ways: 
1 Keeping on tab of your visitors through visitor tracking - This is very important when you are interested in understanding your audience. Tracking visitors helps you identify characteristics of your website/ blog reader. It could answer many things including:

  • Where your visitors are coming from
  • Where are they going from your website
  • How are they landing on your website/ blog
  • What are they reading and interested in 
  • How are search engines & social media platforms helping you attract more and relevant visitors
All this information will help you target proper audience. These insights are very important if you intend to improve your web presence. This will also help in looking out for prospects of monetize your website or blog.

To read further on which visitor tracking you should implement read

2. Keeping a track of your website ranking on popular web ranking sites

This is a tricky part because until your website is not in say top 100000 websites globally, that is it attracts heavy traffic daily it won’t give you a very transparent and good picture of your website’s performance. But still I see it as plus because checking on some metric like global rankings will always help you assess your website’s performance over time. I personally prefer Alexa, Quantcast for this purpose.

Alexa ( ) is a global leader and most widely used web ranking system. You do not need to register your website with Alexa for Alexa ranking. It automatically starts tracking once your website or blog is up and running and is attracting traffic. Alexa gives you a global ranking and country ranking depending on performance. Detailed attribution of your visitors is visible only once you start attracting good traffic and your rankings starts to fall in top 100000 websites globally. Though no registration is required, you can get your website certified if you register. 

Quantcast ( ) Quantcast is another service similar to Alexa but here you need to register your website first for getting rankings. After registration you need to add website & also upload Quantcast tracking script on your website or blog to start generating tracking data. Though this is less comprehensive and used web ranking system it will for sure give you an idea about your website or blog’s performance assessment. 

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