Internet Censorship in China

China’s has, it seems the biggest enterprises of government internet monitors- supposedly more than 2 million or 20 lac. The workforce behind the world’s most censored nation.

Surprisingly the world’s most populous nation spends heavily in controlling people’s access to web. Recently South China Morning Post published in October 2013 that the Great Firewall will be relaxing and will allow access to websites such as and  inside the special Shanghai free trade zone (and not whole of mainland china!). The intent being to make the travelers feel more connected to the external world and thus improve the business prospects.

A recent study ( suggests that social media censorship is incredibly efficient in China. 
Objectionable content is generally removed within 24 hours of their posting. No wonder it might employ 2 million human resources. Besides the government controlled censorship, private companies as well have to stick to the guidelines and employ staff to monitor web activity in the organization.

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