How to Add Image Slideshow To Your Blogger or Website

If you host your blog or website on blogger and have content which requires lots of images to be included you can do so by using inbuilt feature of blogger. This method is very easy to setup and requires minimum technical skills.

For this your first need to save all the relevant images by creating an album on popular image hosting sites such as Picasaweb ( ), Flicker ( ) or any other site which offers public feed for your album. Once the images are uploaded share this album public permissions. You have to make this album public because private albums can not be used in slideshow by this method.

Now log on to your blogger account. Select your blog/ website, Go to layout and click on “Add a gadget”.

Now select “Slideshow” gadget: 

  • Input the details such as title of slideshow, Source (Picasaweb, Flicker, any other)
  • Click on Option- Album
  • Input your picture hosting account username
  • Select the “public album name” & other details to customize your slideshow (speed etc.)
  • Save the gadget settings and you are done.

In the main layout settings, place the gadget at the position you want your slideshow to run.

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