The Giant Umbrella - 5 Reasons You Should Know Why China is Dominating

Gone are the days, when China used to be number 1 only when we talked about largest population. Now China has its signatures on many accomplishments. If you want to know how to turn the global environment in favor you should look forward to China. Here I am compiling a list of 5 reasons which make China what it is today and put it as a great contender in a global leader’s position.

1 China is the biggest exporter country in the world. This is what you look around when you go shopping. The superstores or more aptly markets are just filled with things which wear a tag of “Made in China”. For year 2012 China had exports equivalent close to US$ 2 Trillion!
The shift from an agrarian economy to industrial economy paid off and now with China’s  dominance in manufacturing is worldwide. What is not made in China is a wonder!

2 China replaced Japan as third largest importer of fuel (2012) with fuel imports worth just close to US$ 580 billion no wonder China will soon replace US. It is noteworthy that largest importer is Eurozone which is a region. The ever increasing demand of fuel indicates fast paced development in terms of infrastructure in the country.

3 Military Force- With a whopping USD ~ 160 Billion spend on armed forces, China is only second to the US. As per ranking for Power Index for 2013 China stands 3rd after US and Russia.

4 China has 2nd largest GDP only after US. With a GDP at USD 2 trillion and a growth rate of 8 % it has highest percent growth rate in top 10 countries.

5 We often hear about 1 child policy of China & its increasing old age population. But what we do not hear about is the next generation of going to be youth. China has over ~ 270 million children under age of 15 which is only close to India at ~ 370 million. This encompasses the potential of young, educated, English speaking population which would pose a challenge not only to emerging economies but to developed nations as well when it comes to nation’s growth.

No wonders, China is considered to have potential of being a world leader in the future.


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